This formula sim matches the exact seating position of a Formula One driver. Our seat is designed with the help of existing racing teams.

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Our Avanzata Formula Sim is the pinnacle of Formula sim rigs on the market. This top-of-the-line cockpit is the ultimate choice for sim race enthusiasts with a profound preference for Formula-style racing. It is designed to handle the forces of direct wheel drives and heavy load cell pedals, even when they’re turned up to their most extreme settings. No flex in our dictionary means no flex! This seating position screams speed and the elevated position of the pedals gives you the ability to be even more consistent with your applied braking pressure.

The “strapped in” position provides support over your entire body, giving you the ability to use all your accessible force to push that brake pedal down. Therefore, the force applied in this seating position supersedes that of a normal driving position. With the double uprights, you are no longer relying on brackets’ rigidity on a separate pedal deck. The Avanzata is ready to use load cell pedals up to +200kg to its total capacity. The elevated upper leg area gives more support while still having the freedom to choose a lower pedal position.


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